What will the Celtics do at the Deadline?

A lot of people believe that the Boston Celtics are a star player away from being a legitimate contender in the NBA. Over the past couple years, the Celtics have been collecting and storing assets. Boston now has plenty of assets, including Brooklyn’s 2017 and 2018 1st round draft picks, to try and make a trade for a star player. To big players the the Celtics are trying to make trades for are Jimmy Butler and Paul George, two star players in the NBA.

Jimmy Butler (24.5 PPG & 6.3RPG):

Jimmy Butler has been associated with Celtics for some time now. The Celtics are trying to get a deal done with Chicago to send Butler to Boston. The problem is Chicago is mostly going to want this years 2017 Brooklyn pick, which right now would probably be the #1 pick in the draft. However, the Celtics have said they really don’t want to give this Brooklyn pick. For this deal to happen I believe that they would have to deal the pick in addition to a number of other players. But in the end I don’t think the either team will be able to come to an agreement before this Thursday’s trade deadline.

Paul George (22.3 PPG & 6.2 RPG):

Another player that the Celtics have been linked to in recent weeks is Indiana Pacer Paul George. George is an elite player like Butler that could help Boston take that step and become contenders. Just like Jimmy Butler, it is going to cost Boston a lot to bring Paul George to the Celtics. Indiana is still trying to build a team around Paul George and I don’t believe that they are going to trade Paul George unless Boston is willing to give up a lot. The Pacers asking price would probably start with both the Celtics Brooklyn picks and add a couple of players. I think that you have to consider trading both Brooklyn picks for George, but in the end I don’t believe the Celtics pull the trigger and I don’t think the Celtics will end up trading for an elite player.

That being said I think that even if the Celtics don’t trade for that star player to take them over the top, I think the Celtics will try make a small trade for a big man. The Celtics have been terrible this season when it comes to rebounding. So although we all want that star player (Butler, George) I think the most likely scenario is the Boston Celtics bring in a big man for a smaller price like Andrew Bogut of the Dallas Mavericks. (Bogut 8.3 RPG)

Before this Thursday’s trade deadline, we also need to remember that as much as the Celtics want this star player they are not desperate to make a trade. If Danny Ainge can’t find a deal for a star player at a reasonable price don’t be surprised to see Boston sit tight and not make any deals.

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