The Post Claude Julien Bruins

On Tuesday February 7, 2017 the Boston Bruins fired head coach Claude Julien. After firing Julien, the Bruins appointed assistant coach Bruce Cassidy as interim head coach. The big question now is how will this coaching change impact the team moving forward.

Since making the decision to fire Claude and appoint Bruce Cassidy as coach the Bruins have played five games. In these five games the Bruins are 4-1. It looks like a little bit of a fire has been lit under them in these past couple games. These first couple games under Bruce Cassidy have looked good, but now the question is can they sustain this and make a run at the playoffs.

The Bruins are currently tied in the East for the last wild card spot with the Florida Panthers and the New York Islanders. However, if the playoffs were to start today the Islanders would get the bump over the Bruins due to tie-breakers. So the Bruins are going to need to continue to make a push and hopefully jump up a couple spots and secure a playoff spot.

As of the Bruins are only one point back of the Toronto Maple Leafs for the third spot in the Atlantic division. I believe that Bruce Cassidy will be able to rally the team to make a late season push and make the playoffs as a wild card or third seed in the division. Especially with coaching decisions, by Bruce Cassidy, to utilize players in better roles. Also with leaders like David Krejci and Tuukka Rask stepping up and playing better in these past five games. I think that those if those guys, as leaders, continue to step-up and play well the Bruins will make the playoffs and give fans something meaningful to watch at the end of the season.

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