Celtics Sit Tight at Trade Deadline

As of 3:00 pm yesterday the NBA trade deadline officially came to a close. One team with the most rumors surrounding them was the Boston Celtics. However, thes Celtics were unable to complete any deal. Some of these players that the Celtics were rumored to be going after were Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Andrew Bogut, and P. J. Tucker.

Many Celtics fans were very disappointed that Danny Ainge was unable to complete a trade for a star player with the multitude of assets that the Celtics have stashed up. Now I know many fans are mad but to be honest this was the scenario most likely to occur. Although the fans wanted a blockbuster trade, it seemed like the Celtics were really not all that willing to give up the 2017 Brooklyn pick or forward Jae Crowder.

Seems like the Celtics are now looking to the future, to the draft. As of now the Brooklyn pick will most likely turn out to be the #1 pick in the draft. This draft has been said to be very deep so it is understandable to why the Celtics wanted to keep this pick.

Fans need to also realize that just because Ainge did not get a deal done by the trade deadline there is still time to make a trade before the draft. As the season comes to an end and we find what choice pick the Brooklyn pick turns out to be, the Celtics can still make a trade. If the Brooklyn pick turns out to be the #1 pick in the draft it could be very enticing to teams like the pacers or bulls especially if they think its time to rebuild. If the Indiana and Chicago truly believe that after this season that they are not in the place they would like to be they might be more willing to listen to trades for Butler or George then rather than at the deadline.

Ultimately I believe that Danny needs to make some big decisions in the offseason. We cannot keep gathering assets and draft picks just to stash them overseas or in the D-League. If Danny doesn’t make any moves in the offseason he might just start to lose the trust and faith of the fans.

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