Where do the Celtics stand in the Eastern Conference?

Last night the Boston Celtics fell victim to the Toronto Raptors 107-97. This was a big game for two very good teams in the Eastern Conference. So far this year Toronto owns the season series against the Celtics 3 wins and 1 loss. (In that one loss DeMar DeRozan did not play)

This was a very disappointing loss for the Celtics fan base. The Celtics stayed pat at the trade deadline while teams like Toronto and Washington went out and fill holes on their roster. Many Celtics fans were eager to see how the Celtics would bounce back after the all-star break and take on a top team in the conference.

The first half of the game looked very promising for Celtics fans. The Celtics lead at the half by ten points 55-45. This was great to see that the Celtics were playing like they were the number two team in the East. However, in the second half the Raptors, lead by DeMar Derozon, came out strong and were able to mount a comeback and eventually take over the game. The Raptors were able to eventually win this game 107-97.

This game really showed Celtics how much having a star player can really affect a game. The Toronto Raptors have an elite top 15 player in the league in DeMar DeRozan. DeRozan put up 43 points last night against the Celtics, 25 of those game in the second half. DeRozan was able to put the team on his back, with out Kyle Lowry in the lineup, and win this game. In big games like this one the Celtics just do not have that star player who can come through in the clutch.

A lot people believe that Isaiah Thomas is this star player for the Celtics but he’s not. Thomas is a very good player but he is not nearly a top 20 player in the league. Thomas is starting to get known for putting on a show in the fourth quarter. However, whenever it’s a close game against a top team it doesn’t seem like he gets the job done. Against the Raptors Isaiah Tomas only scored 4 points in the fourth quarter last night. This why the Celtics need to go after an elite player in the offseason to take some of the load off of Isaiah Thomas.

And a quick side note, last night the Celtics best three players Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, and Jae Crowder had +/- ‘s of -19, -19, and -18 respectively. That is very disappointing to see in a big game from your top three players.

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