How Close are the Celtics to Being Contenders in the East?

This upcoming Wednesday is not only the first day of March, but it is a big game for the Boston Celtics. This Wednesday the the second seeded team in the east Boston Celtics play hosts to the top seed in the East the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Boston Celtics believe that they are taking the necessary steps to become contenders for the NBA championship in the very near future. However, the one team that stands in their way in the East of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the East, the second seed is definitely up for grabs between a number of teams, but the top seed is not. Cleveland is undoubtedly the best team in the East with a starting lineup including four time all-star Kevin Love (When Healthy), four time all-star Kyrie Irving, and arguably the best player in the world LeBron James.

Obviously the big goal for the Celtics is winning the NBA championship, but the more immediate goal is to build a team that can beat the number one team in the East, Cleveland.The Celtics believe that they are very close to being able to compete with the Cavs but the question is how close?

That very question is what the game on Wednesday should answer. Now of course Kevin Love is still injured and will not be playing in the game Wednesday, but with LeBron and Kyrie still playing this Cavs team is still very dangerous. Many Celtics fans would love to see the Celtics go out and steal one here from the Cavs, but I believe that if the Celtics can be it close and within ten points throughout the game that will show some good progress for this young Celtics team. So as a fan I am hoping that the Celtics play hard and keep it close and show that they really are that one player away from contending for the championship. This is a crucial game to see how close the Celtics really are to being contenders.

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