Jaylen Brown

In this past year’s NBA draft the Boston Celtics selected Jaylen Brown, a forward out of Cal, with the third overall pick. Coming into the season Celtics fans put a lot pressure on Brown, mostly because most fans wanted to trade the third pick for a big name player Jimmy Butler. But lately Brown is starting to show some of his potential and might be starting to prove everybody wrong who thought they should trade the pick.

At the beginning of the season Jaylen Brown didn’t get as much time on the court as he would have liked, but with Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, and Marcus Smart it was hard to find a lot of time for him. However, lately with Avery Bradley’s injury limiting him to only playing one game in the last 23 Jaylen Brown’s role has increased.

In the previous two games against the Raptors and the Pistons Jaylen Brown has gotten the starting nod in the absence of Avery Bradley. In both of these games Jaylen Brown averaged 27 minutes and scored 13 points in both games. For Celtics fans this is very nice to see that Jaylen Brown is making the most of his opportunities when he is on the court.

Last night against the Pistons the Celtics were down 95-96 with only 40 seconds to go in the game. This was a clutch possession in the game and the Celtics need a score here. As Isaiah Thomas came down the floor he eventually got double teamed and had to kick it out o Al Horford. Al Hordford then started to drive towards the basket and saw Jaylen Brown open in the corner. Horford passed to the rookie Brown and Brown did not shy away from the moment as he immediately took the shot and drained it. A clutch shot from Brown, that had the bench out their seats.

This is exactly what Celtics fans wanted to see from Jaylen Brown. He could have caught the pass and maybe tried to dribble and pass it away, but instead he confidently took the shot and made. This is great to see that Jaylen Brown has the confidence to take and make shots when it really matters. This is really promising for Celtics fans who believe that Jaylen Brown could be a very good player in the league. We hope to see Jaylen Brown continue to impress us with plays like that in the future.

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