Tough Loss for UNE

Last nigh the women’s basketball team from the University of New England went up against Scranton University in the first round of the NCAA division 3 tournament. The women of UNE ended up losing a tough one with the final score being Scranton: 49 and UNE: 48.

UNE came into this game as Scranton was ranked 17th in division 3. UNE came out strong in the begin of the game and had the lead 26-21 going into halftime. As the 3rd began and progressed the Nor’easters of the University of New England were able to bump their lead up to 10 points going into the 4th quarter, 39-29.

The 4th quarter is where this game began to get really interesting. At the end of the 3rd quarter it seemed like UNE was going to continue to grow their team’s lead and put this game out of reach. However, the opposite happed, Scranton slowly point by point began to close the gap. Scranton was able to cut UNE’s lead down to 4 points with 53 seconds to go. With 53 seconds to go Scranton’s Sarah Payonk stole the ball from UNE’s Sadie Nelson as she was bringing it up and Scranton’s Katie Broderick finished the fastbreak with a layup to bring UNE’s lead to 2 points. UNE’s next possession resulted in missed shots and Scranton took over, down 2, with 20 seconds to go. Scranton’s Bridgette Mann came down and missed a 3pt shot to take the lead, however, Scranton was able to get the offensive rebound and call timeout. Coming out of the timeout, Scranton ran an inbound play to set up Bridgette Mann for another 3pt attempt and with 0.6 seconds left on the clock Mann drained the 3-pointer to put the Lady Royals of Scranton up 49-48. That shot was Mann’s only made 3pt shot made on the night out of 11 total 3pt shots. UNE then with 0.6 on the clock tried to throw up a lob to UNE’s Alicia Brown. Unfortunately, the throw was off and went out of bounds and Scranton was able to sneak out with a win. This was a devastating loss to the Nor’easters of the University of New England who knew they should have closed that game out and won. Also Scranton had not had the lead at any point in that game except for those last 0.6 seconds.

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