Red Sox Outfield

Opening Day is less than a month away and Red Sox fans are very excited about this season. There many things that fans will be looking at as the season goes on: will the pitching rotation live up to the expectations, will the Red Sox be able to still have a good offense without DH David Ortiz, and how will the outfield look.

As a fan myself I am very interested in how the Red Sox outfield of Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr, and Mookie Betts will do this season. This outfield will be very interesting to look at because there are so many positive things about them, but also a lot of people don’t see some of the negative things that could go against them.

A huge positive about this Red Sox starting outfield this how young they are. The average age of the outfield is 24. By being young it means that they still have time to progress and get even better at the game. Everybody is very excited to see Andrew Benintendi who was brought up for the last couple months of last season. Benintendi showed so much potential last season and Sox fans are very intrigued to see him get back out there and continue to shine. However, fans need to remember that he only has a couple months of experience under his belt. I am not saying that he is definitely going disappoint expectations, but there is a possibility that he doesn’t meet expectations.

Jackie Bradley Jr is a very interesting piece of this outfield. Last Season he went on an incredible 29-game hit streak in the middle of the season. This was great to see from him and of course everyone knew that he was playing stellar defense. However, Bradley only hit .267 for the season and in the playoffs he only got one hit. Bradley’s defense will never be questioned however his hitting definitely needs work.

Lastly Mookie Betts, Betts had a great season last year for the Red Sox. Betts hit .318, with 31 homeruns, 113 RBI’s, and finished second in the AL MVP voting. I really don’t see anything that will stop Betts from having another great year again.

Overall this outfield of Benintendi, Bradley, and Betts will be very fun to watch and interesting to see how they progress, but don’t be surprised if they don’t play as well as everyone expects them to.

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