Trade or Draft?

A big question surrounding the Boston Celtics is what are they going to do with their 2017 Brooklyn Draft Pick. A lot of fans want the Celtics use this pick, which has a lot of potential value, and trade it away for a star player that can turn them into contenders. Obviously the name that will come to mind are Chicago’s Jimmy Butler or Indiana’s Paul George. Although this is a popular idea that fans have, there are fans who want the Celtics to keep the pick and draft a player and try to sign a big time free agent.

butler-and-georgeIf the Celtics try to once again go down the trade route the would be eyeing Butler or George. The problem with Butler is I really don’t see Chicago lowering their asking price that they had at the trade deadline, which the Celtics would not agree too. Butler would be an amazing addition to the Celtics, however unless the Celtics are willing to give up a lot, I don’t see this trade happening. Now Paul George is an interesting scenario because Paul George had verbally discussed his disappointment that the Pacers are not contenders. So if the Pacers can’t sign any players to build around George I can definitely see him wanting out and the Celtics would be the perfect trade partner. The only problem with this trade is that the Celtics would only get George for a year and then he would become a free agent. I don’t know how much the Celtics would want to give up for a player that they would only have for 1 year and then not be 100% sure they could resign him. The trades are possible I just really have a hard time seeing the Celtics making those trades.

Trade or DraftNow the other option for the Celtics is to use the Brooklyn pick, which is likely to be the #1 overall pick. In this years draft the predicted top two guys to be selected would be PG Markelle Fultz (Washington) and Lonzo Ball (UCLA). These are two very talented players and I can see the Boston Celtics most likely going down this road using that draft pick. By using the draft this also gives the Celtics rumor to bring in a top free agent in the offseason.

The problem that the Celtics have to face is there are really no superstar players that they can bring in this offseason to make them contenders. The problem with this is the Celtics fan base is getting tired of seeing their team continue to say they have the assets to bring in aa star player and yet they still have not been able to get that player. So it will be a very interesting offseason to look forward to if you are a Celtics fan. There a couple different roads that the team can go down and lets just hope they make the right deacision.

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