Late Season Push

With the Celtics 112-108 win over the Miami Heat last night the Celtics became tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Now Celtics fans all know that they are already in the playoffs however, as sports fans have come to know and love home field advantage can be a big factor in the playoffs. As Patriots fans we all know how much we hated having to go out to Denver in the playoffs, and know the Celtics, with 8 games left in the season, have a chance to lock up home field advantage throughout the first 3 rounds of the playoffs.

The Celtics still have 8 games left in the season and to get the #1 seed they are going to work hard to win most if not all of these remaining games. For 7 out of the 8 games left it seems hard but do able, with the Celtics having to play the Milwaukee Bucks twice, the Orland Magic, the New York Knicks, the Atlanta Hawks, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Brooklyn Nets. It will be tough to win all of those games but it is very much do able and I believe that the if the Celtics play at their best they can win. Now there is still one other game left on the schedule that will be very interesting and that is against the team that the Celtics are tied with, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On Wednesday April 5th the Boston Celtics will play host to the Cleveland Cavaliers who are led by the best player in the league LeBron James. This might just turn out to be one of the biggest games this season for the Celtics. The Celtics will be playing at home for this game which could just give them the edge they need to win this game. If we remember back to about a month ago on March 1st, the last time these two teams played, the Celtics came out on top 103-99. This game was also played in Boston.

If the Celtics are able to pull out a win in that game they could be in a very good spot to clinch the #1 seed and give Cleveland a little bit of a preview of the Celtics will be bringing in the playoffs. If the Celtics get home field advantage for the playoffs that could also be the difference of making to the NBA finals compared to getting eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals. For this upcoming game against Cleveland we do need to remember that the Cavs did not have Kevin Love for that game and he could very well make a big difference in this coming match up. It will be a very interesting final stretch for Celtics and Celtics fans to watch. The Cavaliers are also playing tonight against the San Antonio Spurs, so if the Cavs lose this game then the Celtics will be the #1 seed in the East by 0.5 games.

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