Celtics Drop Game 2

Last night the Celtics and Bulls played Game 2 of their best of 7 series. The Celtics hoping to come up with the win after losing Game 1 found themselves losing Game 2 as well. This is very disappointing for Celtics fans to see, as the top seed in the East it is unacceptable to lose both of your games at home. If the Celtics are going to start to comeback in this series there are two places that they need to improve: Rebounding and Offensive Production.

Rebounding as been an issue all year for the Celtics, and it has not gotten easier in the playoffs. The Bulls have done a solid job on the boards outrebounding the Celtics 114 – 93 in the first two games of this series. By allowing themselves to be outrebounded the Celtics are giving way too many second chance oppurtunites and not enough second chance oppurtunites for themselves. The Celtics need to find an answer to winning the rebound battle and keeping Robin Lopez off the boards.

The second place that the Celtics need is more offensive production. Everybody knew this from the beginning, that once the Celtics made the playoffs teams were going to start double teaming Isaiah and the offense would fall apart. Through the first two games this is exactly what has happened. The Celtics need to find more scores because if they don’t the Bulls are going to continue to force turnovers or bad shots and the Celtics will not win a game this series. Bulls have such and edge in the offensive game because they don’t just have one player who can score, Jimmy Butler. The Bulls have surrounded Butler with both Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade. Now both Wade and Rondo are not huge scores they do possess the confidence to control the ball, not turn it over, and to also make smart passes or plays. The Celtics need to find someone else who can make a difference on offense.

The Celtics will look to turn this series around on Friday in Chicago at 7:00 pm ET. If the Celtics do not address those two spots and then it will be a long two games in Chicago.

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