Looking to Bounce Back

Both in NHL and the NBA Boston fans have two of their teams in the playoffs: The Bruins and The Celtics. The unfortunate part about this is the Bruins are currently have lost the previous three games after taking Game 1 (OTT leads 3-1). The Celtics are also having some playoff struggles as well. After locking up the top seed in the East, the Celtics have lost both of their first two games to the Bulls (CHI leads 2-0).

The Celtics tip off tonight at 7:00 pm ET and will be looking to come out strong early in Chicago. The bulls definitely had the moment after Game 2 heading back to their home court, however there has been some breaking news that will definitely hurt Chicago. In Game 2, point guard Rajon Rondo suffered a fractured thumb and will be out indefinitely. This is a tough blow for the Bulls who have been a much better team when Rondo was on the court versus when he was off the court this series. The Celtics need to take advantage of this unfortunate event and look to steal some games out in Chicago. A huge problem for the Celtics in Game 1 was rebounding and in Game 2 they addressed the problem and began to make progress. In Game 2 both the Bulls and Celtics recorded the same amount of rebounds. If the Celtics can improve on their rebound game and take advantage of the absence of Rondo, they just might have a chance to take both games on the road.

A little after tip off in Chicago, at 7:30 pm ET the puck drops in Ottawa as the Senators host the Bruins in Game 5. Bruins need a win to hold off elimination as the Senators lead the series 3-1. After losing Game 1 Ottawa has had the moment winning Game 2 in Ottawa and taking both games in Boston. Now the Senators are home and have the fans behind them as they look to move on to the next round of the playoffs. The Bruins need to find someway to pull off a win and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Tune in to both games tonight and see if both the Bruins and the Celtics are able to bounce back and win.

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