Celtics Bounce Back

Game 4 between the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls took place yesterday. The Celtics, who lost the first 2 games at home, were looking to go to Chicago and steal both Games 3 and 4. On Friday the Celtics were able to win Game 3 and yesterday they went on to even the series 2-2 by beating the Bulls 104 – 95.

This was a huge win for the Celtics after losing the first two games a lot of fans lost faith in the team and a lot was said about the Celtics possibly being the worst #1 seed. However, by bouncing back and evening up the series, the Celtics now have all the momentum heading back to Boston for Game 5.

A key thing that the Celtics knew they need to work on to win was the rebound battle. The Celtics did lose the battle however, only by 2 rebounds: Bulls 50 – Celtics 48. This a huge area for the Celtics who have struggled all year in rebounding the ball. If the Celtics can continue to keep the rebound battle close, with home court advantage, they should win this series.

Before Game 3, Boston coach Brad Stevens made a big change by swapping Amir Johnson out of the starting lineup for Gerald Green. As of now this move seems to be paying off. Gerald Green allows the Celtics to spread the floor with Al Horford at center. Green is a very good three-point shooter and is an all around athletic player. In Game 4 Green recorded 18 points, 7 rebounds, and was 4-9 from three. This move seems to definitely be benefitting the Celtics and we will see if this can help them take the series.

Of course another big factor to the win in Game 4 was Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas. He has definitely stepped up as the number one scoring option on the team and in Game 4 he did what he’s been doing all season. In Game 4 Thomas scored 33 points to go along with 7 assists in the game. The Celtics should come out with a lot of motivation in Game 5 with the home crowd behind them. You should expect the Celtics to come out strong offensively early in the game. Game 5 between the Celtics and the Bulls will be on Wednesday, April 24.

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