Battle for the AL East

The Red Sox and Yankees are heading into the rubber match of their 3-game series tonight in New York. The Red Sox were able to hold off the Yankees and take a 5-4 win in the first game of the series. However, the Yankees came storming out of the gates in the second game winning 8-0.

As of right now the top two teams in the AL East Standings are the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox are 2 games back behind the Yankees and if they can win tonight they can improve to only one game back. For the Red Sox to only be 2 games back of the top spot in the East is pretty remarkable considering all the hate of the team lately. A lot fans believe that the Red Sox are under achieving and not playing up to their potential. However if the Red Sox do start playing better, with the top spot just in front of them as motivation, I think they could definitely catch the Yankees and grab the top spot.

Now with the Red Sox and the Yankees holding the top two spots in the AL East a lot of people were starting to ask “is this rivalry dead?”. For many fans the Red Sox – Yankees rivalry from back in the early 2000’s has disappeared. Now there is a very simple reason for that and that is because these two teams haven’t both been good at the same time in awhile. However, this year with both the teams looking like the two best in the AL East and with young stars like Aaron Judge and Andrew Benintendi on each team we will definitely see this rivalry to rekindle.

Obviously it might not seem like a big rivalry at the moment because its early June, but imagine if the  standings are close at the end of September or even if these two teams matchup in the postseason. This season has the real possibility of being able to rekindle this much wanted rivalry once more. As for tonight, David Price takes the mound for his third start of the season looking to bring his team to within just 1 game of the top spot.

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