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Elias Connor (Managing Editor/Writer):

Hi everybody I am the main editor and writer of I am 19 years old and I am from Newburyport, Massachusetts. I am also a student at the University of New England where I am currently in my sophomore year and I am studying towards becoming a Pharmacist.

I have never been a very big fan of writing, however that changes when it comes to Boston sports. I was born into the Boston sports fan nation and I have been a die-hard fan ever since. My dad started taking me to Red Sox games when I was young and we haven’t stopped going to games at least once a year.

I am a huge Baseball and Basketball fan so most of my posts will be about the Red Sox or the Celtics. Also when football season comes around a will be posting a lot about the Patriots as well. I will do my best to post about the Bruins, however Hockey is not my expertise. So I will definitely post about the bruins as well just not as much.

I hope you enjoy my posts!